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Company Profile

Innovative Biotech Pte Ltd was incorporated on February 16, 1994 with an authorised capital of S$2 million and a paid-up capital of S$1.5 million.

Innovative Biotech Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Rotary Engineering Limited, which is a public company listed in the Stock Exchange of Singapore.

Principal Business Activities

Innovative Biotech's primary business is in the sales and marketing of medical, healthcare and biotechnology products to the research institution/universities/regulatory boards, clinical lab, hospital, industrial clients and resellers.

We have dedicated to be a vibrant, dynamic and focused organization with qualified business units in the following core application areas:

• Microbiology and food safety
• Life science and cell culture
• Pathology and molecular diagnostic
• Analytical and test instrument
• Filtration
• Medical healthcare
• Consumer products
• Trade marks “Biosoft”

Our Vision

Since our inception we have formed strong and lasting partnership with over 80 manufacturers globally, each respected for their own fields of specialization. In addition, we are committing to our independence distributors. These partnerships have been mutually beneficial and have grown stronger through the areas.

We take pride in our skilled personnel who are continuously trained in their respective field of competence to deliver viable and effective solutions to our esteemed customers.

Our sales and marketing operates with four key divisions:

• Life Science
• Healthcare
• Medical & Pharmaceutical
• Medical devices/equipment & technical support

Our mission, 'Commitment to Excellence' is delivered through high quality products and unmatched service / application support. We are committed to ensuring that you are totally satisfied with our products’ superior performance and price from Innovative Biotech.

Busineses Collaboration

Innovative Biotech has also their own sales & marketing representative over Asia Pacific who are financial autonomous:

We have Sales & Marketing Representative in these countries

• Malaysia

• Thailand

• Philipine

• Indonesia

• Hong Kong


• People of Republic China

• Korea

• Brunei
• Vietnam
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